My vision for The Shift by Kylie is to bring people closer to their personal lifestyle goals.

I want to do this through four main areas

  • Personal styling
  • Home styling
  • Project completion
  • Custom work

All of us need a little hand, or sometimes a big push, to help us achieve all of the projects we want to do.

When you start to get clarity you start to feel good. This good feeling is something that you want to repeat.

The Shift by Kylie - Kylie WillisFeeling good! It’s something that we all want.

Feeling good can come from many places. It can come from the clothing we wear, the places we work, the food we eat and the house, flat, unit or room we try to make our own.

All of these things have the ability to make us feel really good! Good about ourselves, the project we are working on or dreaming of, or just the people around us.

So many of us take for granted the time we make for ourselves. We never quite make it to the top of our own list. This is done inadvertently because of the way we look at ourselves and what is around us. We need to get ourselves to the top of the list!

This starts to happen when we get rid of half the junk that rattles around in our head. We all have those nagging little things we want to achieve and we all have those hurdles that we put in our own way. This is the beginning of feeling good. When we feel good we make others around us feel good and so on.

Feeling good comes from loving the space we are in. Whether this is the clothes we put, the projects we have rattling around in our head or even the people that inspire us to be better. All these things can make an amazing difference to our head space.

I love to help people! Always have. So now I want to share with others how good that feels.

Nothing makes me feel better that the feeling of helping people move the hurdles that have been put in their way – sometimes by themselves. These hurdles stop people from getting that  “feel-good” feeling themselves.

I am a person who likes to get the best value from what is around me. I love to find treasures where you wouldn’t expect and create something new and exciting.

That project that you just didn’t know where to start. I love nutting it out and going boom – nailed it!

I love the fact that I will constantly be learning and be inspired by the people around me every single day.