Style is defined by confidence!

It is not just about the ‘now’ fashion it is about dressing the best for you.

Fashion and clothing is so much more than the fabric you put on your back to keep warm. People underestimate how good it feels when you step out the door and know that you are looking your best, even if your ran into your worst enemy.  It’s amazing to get a compliment on how much weight you have lost or that a colour looks great on you. When we get that feel good moment it starts a cycle – this cycle is what makes us want to do more to make ourselves feel good!

Dressing women and men has been part of my job in retail for over 10 years and it still never surprises me just how little people really understand their own needs.

Some of the questions that are laid out below are things I come across on a daily basis.   I am a practical person and a person who understands that you don’t have to spend a million dollars on your clothing you just need to spend good money on the right things and top up with other things that are fun along the way.

We all wear clothing for our own personal needs and lifestyle, and we all have different taste that make us individuals. As individuals we need to feel good in our own skin and know that we are doing the best we can to get that feeling on the inside as well as the outside.

When Christian Dior was asked: ‘what is the key to good dressing?’ the response was;

‘There is no key! If there were it would be too easy. Rich women could buy the key and all their fashion worries would be over! But simplicity, grooming and good taste – the three fundamentals of fashion – cannot be bought – but they can be learnt by rich and poor alike’.

The Shift by Kylie Personal Styling

Let’s get practical!

These are a few things I ask so that I understand your lifestyle.

Ask yourself: What is my lifestyle? – How does my wardrobe suit my lifestyle?

Am I a stay at home mum, am I an office worker, am I a part-time office worker, am I an outdoor person, do I go out alot?

The keys to having the ideal wardrobe is to have a thorough understanding of your lifestyle along with some planning and editing and learning how to maintain it.

How do you know if your wardrobe works for you?

Do you often feel like you’ve got nothing to wear?

A wardrobe does not work if you often find yourself in these situations:

Taking a long time to get dressed (over 45 mins).

In a constant state of “I don’t have anything to wear.”

After you get dressed, you leave the house feeling insecure and don’t feel good about yourself.

You wish you were wearing something else, but it was in the wash.

You wonder what your friend will think of you because you are wearing the same outfit the last time you met her.

You find it hard to match your clothes, bags and accessories.

You have a random pair of shoes/bags/pair of earrings that you’ve never worn because they never go with anything you have.

You find yourself shopping for a new outfit whenever you go to an event.

You don’t feel appropriately dressed (because you have nothing else).

You find you are always buying the same thing, or the same style, then feeling you always ‘look’ the same.

Work your wardrobe to honestly match your lifestyle and then you should always have something to wear!

The Shift by Kylie Personal Styling

So this is how it works!

I come to your home and bit by bit assess your wardrobe. You will get advice on items to give to another home and those items not to discard.

Then I will show you ways of mixing and matching your existing pieces, putting together outfits you never knew you had. I will give an honest, but gentle view about pieces that don’t suit your body shape and about styles that have seen better days.

It will explained to you why the clothes you thought looked good, may not. I will help you to look at yourself differently, teaching and guiding you through the process.

I will also give you advice on what you could add that will combine with your existing wardrobe – helping you achieve the style you want while dramatically increasing the amount of choices. But the emphasis will be on what you can do with what you have, therefore saving you money.

If you are just not sure about what you need, or you are feeling a little apprehensive, just give us a call, sometimes just a short chat can help make things a bit clearer.

From all of this I truly hope that you just get that “Feel Good” feeling simply from putting on pieces that bring out the best in you.