When it comes to looking good and feeling great, life is made a whole lot easier if you have a good selection of fashion staples at your fingertips.

There are a lot of essentials in the list below, but I’m encouraging women to gradually collect the majority of these items and enjoy them time and time again.

It’s about having options to suit your mood, combining different accessories with different outfits and most importantly feeling good about yourself.



Tick off as you collect each signature piece.

  1. Over it Shoulder Bag
  2. Sweet neat Tote
  3. Classic Black Carrier
  4. Never give up Satchel
  5. Fun with it Fringe Bag
  6. Complete cutie Backpack
  7. Perfect Match Bag & Wallet
  8. Full of it Travellers
  9. K.I.S.S. the Wallet
  10. Get out & about Clutch


Tick off as you collect each signature piece.

  1. Everyday Chain to mix ‘n’ match
  2. Slash that Colourful Beaded necklace
  3. Down with it Long necklace
  4. Courageous Collar necklace
  5. Light & Bright Wooden necklace
  6. Classic Pearlers Necklace & Studs
  7. Anywhere French Hooks
  8. Sleep in Dimond Sleepers
  9.  Hot Shot Hoops
  10. Flower Power Studs
  11. Bang on Bangles (combine gold, silver & lots of colour)
  12. Daring Blaring Cuff
  13. Street Smart Stretch Bracelets
  14. Ring Ring Bling Bling dress ring
  15. Layer Stayers plain band rings


Tick off as you collect each signature piece.

  1. Every dayer Black Scarf
  2. Top it off Box Scarf
  3. Throw on Coloured Scarf
  4. Snuggle up Snood
  5. Jeanie Wide Belt
  6. Show off Waist Belt
  7. Easy Peasy Beanie
  8. Hide it Hat (for bad hair days!)
  9. Chill out Gloves
  10. Trick it up Tights


Tick off as you collect each signature piece

  1. Little Black Dress
  2. Pencil/Tube Skirt
  3. Classic White Shirt
  4.    Smarten up Jacket
  5. Basic Cami
  6. Everyday Tee
  7. Complete it Cardi
  8. Trend away Pant
  9. Invisible Slip
  10. Keep cosy Knit