Now let’s map out your home:

  • Who lives in my home (kids, teens, adults,)?
  • How do I use my home (friends over, cook, garden, weekend use, sleep)?
  • What do I have a lack of (storage, rooms, bench space, light)?
  • What do I love best about it?

When you have looked at your home and how it is used, you can better map out ways to improve it to suit your needs.

Stand back and have a look at your space and how you want to use it. What sort of rooms do you have? (one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed) how do they get used?

When you know this you can start. Maybe try a large living area first.

The Shift by Kylie Slide 1

What element do you have an excess of? Is everything made of timber? Do you have lots of little things? You sometimes need to create balance to get harmony.

If you entertain a lot you need to have areas where people can gather.

If you have lots of flat surfaces you need to be mindful of the acoustics in the space. Well placed rugs, furniture and art can help break up the sound waves so you don’t get such an echoey room.

Just because yellow is in this season, it doesn’t mean you need to buy a new lounge, you can get some new cushions or if your existing couch won’t allow just add a new vase, bunch of flowers or picture, even change over some picture frames.

Your check list for your room:

  • Have I removed all the clutter?
  • Have I made my areas and do I have what I need?
  • How can I use what I already have to get a fresh feel?
  • What is the style that I am going for?
  • Can I use what I have for the look that I want?

Now put together the list of what you need or what you can change yourself.

These can be simple things such as small decorator items, lamps, cushions or even re-inventing an old item of furniture you have grown tired of.

To make each room look fresh and new is just as simple as moving a few larges items around to get the space you need for the new season.