This client has just moved into a new home and is very busy in their job, which doesn’t always allow a lot of time for shopping.

The Shift by Kylie Home 10The objective with this brief was to nail down the style that they wanted, what sort of budget they had and little things they wanted to spend money on.

Their brief was achieved through the purchase of a local artist’s painting as a central feature. By using some of their existing furniture items, and then adding a varied price point of small decorator pieces to tie it all together.

Having a clear budget is a very good thing when buying for someone else – you take the personal lust out of it and buy exactly what is needed and stick to the amount nominated. It’s like handing someone else your grocery list, they would only get what is on the list. This can be a very good way of saving yourself a lot of money.

The client loved the modern nautical/moroccan theme that was created. It also gave them the space to add pieces themselves, so that they felt involved in the process without the pressure of time restraints to make their house their home.

They also enjoyed how I used both designer items as well as pieces from Ikea and Kmart to create their luxe feel and stick to their budget. I am very aware of quality and don’t like to compromise this even when purchasing from a chain store.