This client enjoys a very minimalist decor styling in their home, which works very well in their heritage home to give it a more contemporary feel.

The objective with this job was to give the client a fresh look for this room without loosing their personal decor style.

This was achieved by adding the texture of the hide as well as the addition of the heavy canvas cushions that have quirky cartoon prints on them. Using the client’s own glass candle holders, we kept their leather ottoman with its original clean feel. The little cluster of colour on the hardwood tray gave the room that subtle pop of colour without being overpowering.

The same room was also completed using mustard & charcoal as the main soft furnishings, texture was added using a chunky knitted throw rug and a few books to make this area quite inviting.

Both of these looks used a lot of the client’s existing items and just a few new items to tie it all together.

The client was very pleased with both looks and happy to interchange between the two, depending on personal mood and weather.

The Shift by Kylie Home 5