The hardest thing is to know where to start. Don’t try to tackle everything in one go-you’ll just feel overwhelmed. Find your motivation.

When it comes to clutter and cleaning we can make ourselves confused. Putting away the clutter and cleaning it are two different things. Clutter can be hidden to make your environment more visually appealing, this however doesn’t clean it up.

Start small and pick an area to start. This doesn’t need to be a room, but maybe a kitchen cabinet, your utility draw or even your office desk.

The Shift by Kylie Spring Cleaning

Sort through all the bits of paper, left over screws, pens (if they don’t work or you don’t like them put them straight in the bin). If you are unsure of something put it into a snap lock bag to fix sooner rather than later.

By starting with just one small area you will immediately reward yourself with the results and the clarity you feel.

Have a donation box near your door, so as you are clean, you can place unused or unwanted items aside, to give to charity or have a garage sale.

Your Home:

Your home is exactly that it’s yours; and yours or your family’s habits and lifestyle need to work in your home.

A living space is for living, so don’t slave away at making it a sterile magazine home. Use it, live in it, just be accommodating.

Tip 1: If you always kick your shoes off at the door, provide storage or a table to put them under. Remembering that they also have a place to go so all your shoes don’t need to live at the door.

Your kitchen is the space that is used about 80% of the time, so make sure it works for you.

  • Keep benches clean and clear – you need them to work
  • Buy square or rectangle containers for storage as they don’t use valuable space.
  • Use shelf splits if the space between your shelves is high

Let’s start simple:

  • Get rid of that stack of papers
  • Get the shoes away from the door
  • Put everything back where it should go including kids things
  • Why is that paperwork on the kitchen bench?
  • Magazines if they are read and have no use stack them away or give them away.