The client had everything that they wanted for their bedroom, but just needed a hand to pull it all together.

A lot of people disregard their bedroom as a place to unwind, relax and enjoy. This needs to be a zen space that is just yours (and your partner’s), a place that at the end of the day you can shake off the day and get ready for the next.

Everyone is quite specific about what they like in their room. This can be from the bed, a set of draws or a lamp. How people want to use the space is another thing also.

It didn’t take long to understand just how this client wanted their bedroom to look, and not long to put it all together with the things they already had.

The end result ticked all the client’s boxes and more. With a few storage ideas given and swapping a few furniture pieces the room evolved into quite a tranquil space that is very restful.

The Shift by Kylie Home 2