How many of us take pictures and screenshots, or even rip out pages from magazines of stuff that we would love to do in our garden, our home, or just things that we love.

Sometimes it’s not even about starting something new – it is about finishing something that you’ve been trying to get accomplished for a long time. This could be the cupboard you bought for the laundry to make the clutter disappear, but you’re not sure if it will do the right job now, or you’ve lost your momentum, now that it’s at home and it still needs to be put together and a spot cleaned for it to fit into.

Projects don’t need to be something massive they can just be those little jobs that nag in the back of our brain and stop us from getting that feel good buzz.

I have worked on projects that include making a boring work space into a bright vibrant office and meeting area.

The Shift by Kylie Projects tableWe’ve added wall storage and more bench area to a soon to be renovated kitchen to make it more user friendly.

Making an outdoor entertaining area a little more homely with a pallet wall for plants and storage is another example of a successful outcome for a client. The list goes on and on. We all have that endless to do list, we just sometimes need to get help to to work our what should come first and how we should go about it.

Projects are little things that can turn a space into a user friendly area that makes you feel good! These are things that need to be done to inspire us every day and keep our feel good buzz happening.

I can help you sort out what projects are easy, which ones are hard and show you how to do them or just get them done for you. Sometimes it is just easier when you have someone there to help. This helps to keep you focused, motivated and feel that you have achieved something.

Contact me to put your mind at ease about what you want to do, you might just find it’s not that far out of your reach.