Custom work can be so many things. Everyone has an idea or a vision for something that they would like to do, finish, create or even start. Sometimes all we need is for someone to help us get on track or stay on track with an idea that we have.

The Shift by Kylie Project Completion Outdoor Area

You might have a design project, a restaurant revamp or a product launch you need to bring together. These are all things that I can help you do.

  • Symons Home layout. Tile, paint, carpet, bench laminate & light placement for clients.
  • Creating a new work space in an existing area without renovating
  • Helping with business launches
  • A piece of furniture that you need to have redone or advice on what to do
  • Space planning, when doing a renovation or extension
  • Help to design your new wardrobe fit out

All of us have something that we want to do. Some off us know that if you ask for help it can just be so much easier.