The Shift by Kylie Custom Office Before

The before shot.

This client had a very open brief. She knew what she needed from the room and the consulting feel she wanted to achieve. The rest was up to me and I loved the project.

This space needed to be warm, inviting, eclectic, inspiring and showcase precious things that were personal.

I was given a budget to get it done with which was quite lean considering I needed to add a couch, coffee table, coat rack, chairs and work bench. This being said I love a challenge.

The Shift by Kylie Custom Office After

The after shot.

This job was completed on time and within budget with some inventive work by me. This was one of those projects that I could get my teeth into.

I was able to find a lot of the furniture pre-loved and reinvent it. The work bench I was able to make myself with materials from the local hardware store. The rest was finding the right accessories to tie it all back together.

The client was very happy with this inviting space that she could welcome and conduct her business meetings from, and always feel relaxed when doing long days.